Masonry, Gloss, Eggshell... Oh My! - A guide to choosing paint

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It can be overwhelming trying to choose the right paint that you need for your decorating project when you see how many there are out there. They have satin finish, smooth finish, hard wearing paint - the list goes on. 

Whether you don’t know which finish to pick or you don’t know which paint is best for the surface you are working on, there is an option out there for everything. 

Especially when it comes to the variety of paints that The Paint Shed have to offer - they have something to suit every need. Although it can seem a lot, the variety only means that you will get the best quality for your needs. 

To make it easier for you to pick, we have put together a guide that you can follow when you are making your choice. 

What finish are you after?

So first you need to decide which finish it is you are after. Perhaps you want a shiny surface that will reflect light. If so, then a gloss paint would be best for you. This kind of finish is great if you are wanting a bright room that shines with the sun.

Maybe you are after a smooth finish. A satin paint offers a smooth finish on any surface. The paint is velvety meaning that even the most uneven surface can be made to look smooth with this amazing paint.

Perhaps you can’t decide between a satin paint and a matte paint? This is where an eggshell paint comes in. The finish sits between the two, just like an egg. Have you ever appreciated the finish of an egg? With its sheer but matte appearance that still gives the impression of texture. Perfect!

What are you painting?

If you are painting walls inside your house or work office, any paint should be good to use! It just depends on the finish you’re after. 

You might be painting the outside of a building, or maybe you have a brick wall feature that you want to spice up with a new colour. In that case, you should be looking for a masonry paint. They are water-based paints that are perfect for a tough and high-quality sheen and are good enough to paint over a wide range of surfaces so ideal for that tough exterior!

It might be an uneven surface you are wanting to paint. It’s hard to know what kind of paint can cover this but we would advise to go for satin paint, as mentioned above. The velvet texture of this paint means that it can create a smooth finish on imperfect surfaces, making them appear more even. A great paint to cover up any old, bumpy appearance. 

Now you have the finishes available and you are clued up on each type of paint out there, it’s up to you to pick the best one for your needs! Good luck on your next painting project!

Masonry, Gloss, Eggshell... Oh My! - A guide to choosing paint